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oscar, the morning after. "the king's speech" rules, winning best picture. "the fighter" also scoring a one-two bunch. >> pinch me. i'm shaking in my boots here. >> the joy. the emotion. >> i want to thank my parents, who are right there. >> my wonderful wife. >> and all the glamour, as "gma" takes you behind the scenes of hollywood's biggest event.
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and breaking news, charlie sheen in his first television interview since the controversy erupted. >> i used to do drugs. >> is he clean today? >> i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. >> this morning, charlie sheen takes a drug test for the cameras. the interview you have to see to believe. and good morning, everyone. i just had to ask -- it is monday, right? when you haven't been to bed, you can't tell -- remember what day it was. we're having a great time here in hollywood. we're still here at the el capitan theater. it was built in 1929. they still play movies here. its location is primo. it's right across the street from the kodak theater where the oscars were held last night. and they're already starting to -- as soon as the oscars were over, dismantling everything.
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including the red carpet. we were there on the red carpet. we're going to bring you all the winners. we were backstage, as well, last night, george. it was quite a night. and melissa leo joining us live in our next hour. >> she broke through. and you looked gorgeous on that red carpet last night. our whole family was cheering on the couch. >> oh, that old thing? please. i just pulled it out of the closet. back in new york. we want to get right to the jaw-dropping interview with charlie sheen. in an intimate, edgy conversation, sheen talked to our andrea canning, his first television interview since cbs pulled the plug on his blockbuster show. i was screening the interview. you were literally on the edge of your seats on this interview. and his anger at cbs, is so palpable. he told you he's going to sue. >> reporter: he is. absolutely. and this is a guy who said i'm not going to be kicked around anymore. he had so much to say.
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confirming he will go after the network. to apologizing, sort of, to the show's creator. he said his life is magic. he was cured in the blink of an eye, after answering to a higher calling. >> i get in trouble for being honest. and i've been the guy that's been extremely old-fashioned. i'm a nobleman. i'm chivalrous. i believe that chivalry's not dead. it's been in a coma. >> reporter: but for charlie sheen, it's been one tabloid headline after another. marital woes, and public squabbles about his job. >> no, we're on forced hiatus. i said, you get ready. i was ready. and nobody was there. >> reporter: all of the radio rants have people thinking charlie sheen has got to be on drugs again. >> sure. yeah. i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available. if you try it once. you will die. your face will melt off. and your children will weep over your exploded body. um, too much.
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again, i woke up and decided, you know, i've been kicked around. i've been criticized. i'm like the, aw, shucks, guy with this rock star life. i'm going to embrace it, wrap both arms around it and love it violently. and defend it violently, through violent hatred. i don't know what to tell you, man. >> reporter: finally, cbs had enough. shutting down "two and a half men" for the rest of the season. putting sheen and the entire staff out of work. were you shocked when they shut down "two and a half men" again indefinitely? >> yeah. i was actually disappointed. i thought the mistakes i made is that people misinterpret my passion for anger. >> reporter: stopping the show is costing an estimated $250 million. >> it will cost them a lot more. they're on a battlefield. they let their emotions and their ego, they strapped on
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their diapers. they're in breach. they're in radical breach. sorry, guys. you screwed up. >> reporter: are you going to sue? >> wouldn't you? i don't have a job. i have a whole family to support. and love. and people beyond myself, people a lot more important than me, are relying on that money to fuel the magic. >> reporter: what are you going to sue for? >> tons. they're going to put it on a scale. a little more. a little more. add some gold. add some gold. bingo. i'm here to collect. you know? and they're going to lose. they're going to lose in a courtroom. i would recommend that they do an out-of-court settlement. and fix this whole thing. pay the crew. and get season nine back on board. >> reporter: that could be tough. sheen has been accused of being anti-semitic in comments made about the creator, chuck lorre. >> chaim levine, that's his real
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name. this exit strategy. i was upset about how it was interpreted. they were labeling me anti-semite. people didn't know me. there's nothing about that in my history anywhere. >> reporter: i think the problem is, he goes by chuck lorre. his real name is charles levine. you chose to call him chaim levine. you took the hebrew version. why would he do that? he says it was a joke, when he saw it posted in a message by lorre himself, at the end of "two and a half men." >> sorry i offended you. didn't know you were so sensitive. i thought you wailing on me for eight years, i could take a few shots back. didn't know you were going to take your little ball and go home and punish everybody in the process. >> reporter: but it's sheen's character that's come into question time and time again. one thing i'm finding about you is you seem like you're really nice. you seem like you love your children. >> i'm a nice guy. >> reporter: and you hear about
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your violent side when you drink. are these women making this up? or is this really happening? what really happened in the house in aspen? or what really happened in new york city? >> i can't do that here. i have to expose people. i can't do that. i don't roll people. >> reporter: were you violent? >> no. no, i was not. >> reporter: why did they say you were violent? >> i don't know. it was making stuff up. consider the source. and everybody taking their word over mine? >> reporter: do you have a violent side at all? >> when -- now? today? when it's needed, to protect my family, absolutely. and it's unlike anything you'll ever see. >> reporter: are there any drugs in this house? >> to my knowledge, no. >> reporter: there are no drugs here? >> not that i know of. if i find them, i'll throw them away. >> reporter: how about the people who supply you can drugs? are they out of your life? >> again, i can't speak about things that are, sort of, you know -- i just -- that's really
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nobody's business. i think you know the answer to that. you know? >> reporter: are you willing to take a drug test? >> sure. you got a cup? i ain't got nothing to hide. >> reporter: and there are some reports this morning that charlie sheen could be suing for more than $300 million. contacted cbs last night. and they had no comment. nor did the producers of "two and a half men." >> wow. a lot to talk about. first of all, what was the red wire he was playing with? >> reporter: he said it was the end of a bomb that would go into an f-18. >> he would turn and laugh with people off the set. i presume to be members of his family. who were they? and what was it like spending the entire day there? >> reporter: they were members of his family. he calls them his family. one is a porn star. the other is a former graphic designer/nanny. these are his two girlfriends that live with him. and this is their family. it may be unconventional. but it seems to work for them. >> he calls them the goddesses?
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>> reporter: the goddesses. he calls them his wedge. they are a huge part of his life. they were approving everything. and going over everything. and really there for him. >> okay. you'll have a lot more in our next half hour. also on "20/20" tomorrow night. a special edition. and in the next half hour, the drug test sheen offered to take. we'll reveal the results, live. robin? >> you said it best, george. wow. yeah. as you said, we will have more coming up. and charlie sheen, topic of discussion here in los angeles. but the main topic of discussion, last night's 83rd academy awards. the big winner last night, "the king's speech," taking home four awards. a lot of glamour. a lot of glitz. a lot of emotion. and capturing it all for us, our man about town, chris connelly. good to have you here. >> good morning, robin. it is morning, right? >> it is. >> meryl streep did it. catherine zeta-jones did it. now, natalie portman has joined
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the club. actresses that won the oscar while pregnant. >> i heard the queen saw the film. she enjoyed it. which is good, right? i assume you plan on going back home some time? >> reporter: not without some carry-on luggage, at the 83rd academy awards crowned "the king's speech," with four osc oscars. best picture. best screen play. best director. and for best actor, that eagle, colin firth. >> and the oscar goes to -- notally portman, "black swan." >> reporter: with that, the star won best actress. it was a respected elders evening. "the king's speech" screen writer, 73-year-old david seidler. >> my father said to me i would be a late bloomer. >> reporter: and 94-year-old
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kirk douglas, stealing the show. and more than a few heartbeats from the on pins and needles supporting actress nominees. >> you know -- >> reporter: then, "the fighter's" melissa leo, heard her name. >> everybody else heard this. >> i watched kate do this two years ago. it looked so [ muted ] easy. oops. >> reporter: james franco channeled marilyn. while came as everything, anne hathaway charmed throughout. >> "the king's speech." the night belonged to a tale of personal transformation, and the power of finding one's own voice. >> that makes it official, then. >> reporter: won by a democratic vote, robin. it was a big night for the
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monarchy. >> it certainly was. they were feeling very good about themselves. you talked about natalie portman. and i can tell you, she is at home, enjoying herself. and she has just really swept through the award season, including last night here at the academy awards. >> natalie portman, "black swan." >> you had the line of the entire night. talking about your fiance, benjamin. >> my beautiful love, benjamin, who choreographed the film. and has given me the most important role of my life. the thing i'm most grateful for in the world. he's a miracle of a person. and it just really is a miracle to experience and be aware every day of how alien we are now. how humans come to be.
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i just find it mind-blowing. and i feel lucky to experience it. >> the other moms who are here tonight and all award season are giving you tips and suggestions? >> oh, yeah. annette bening has been so incredible. telling me stories about being pregnant at the oscars before. and raising her kids. and she's such a role model. and nicole and michelle, and amy adams, have all been giving -- michelle has the guys, too. >> reporter: natalie's role in "black swan" required days and grueling hours of physical ballet training. >> attack it. attack it. come on. >> reporter: that's something compared to being pregnant in heels on the red carpet. this culminates the award season. you can go home now. how much are you looking forward to just putting on the jammies? >> so excited. just want macaroni and cheese in my bed. so ready. >> something tells me we're not
7:14 am
going to be seeing you for a while. >> yeah. >> reporter: while young natalie portman looks forward to settling in for the night, best supporting actress, melissa leo, was looking forward to celebrating. with 93 years young kirk douglas. >> you are better-looking than you were in "the fighter." >> you're pretty good-looking yourself. what are you doing later on? >> reporter: were you hitting on kirk douglas? >> maybe i was. i saw the opportunity. >> okay. you can complete the sentence. and melissa leo will join us live in our next hour. don't worry. we'll be on a delay, just in case -- yeah. you got it. melissa leo will be joining us. the guys to talk about. colin firth, what a night for him. and melissa leo's co-star in "the fighter," christian bale. what does it mean to you? really? >> i don't know yet.
7:15 am
everybody that roots for you feels like they've won, too. >> and kathryn bigelow. yes. >> that's the company i'm in. that's what i mean. we were just in the elevator together. if that elevator got stuck, it would rewrite cinema history. >> i believe sucking smoke into your lungs will kill you. >> my physician says it relaxes the -- the throat. >> they're idiots. >> they've all been knighted. >> makes it official, then. >> i was thinking there's nobody young in it. there's no sex. there's no action. there's no violence. it's basically two middle aged men making friends. >> reporter: there were many people who told me this is not just for your incredible performance in "the fighter," but also in recognition of your body of work. >> that's very nice to hear. >> reporter: >> you can't typecast you. you can't say you only do this type of role.
7:16 am
>> that's nice to hear. >> hit him on the left. >> like character actors, you know. and i think that's what life is. you know? i never meet a single person that's the same. you know, that's what i reflect in my -- in my portrayals, hopefully. >> how do you go about determining what role you'll take? >> i'm quite myopic about it, really. i go away. am i obsessed about that one? if i am, that's one i'll do. >> we look at all the things you've been a part of. and to be here and recognize in this way, i can only imagine what you that must feel like, knowing the arc of your career. >> i'm the luckiest guy in the world. i really am. again, with having a great family, a great mother and father, who just sort of created a life for me where i had opportunities. and if i worked hard enough, i could walk through those doors and do the kind of things i wanted to. mostly tonight, i'm thinking of our 83 years of writers.
7:17 am
and the group i just became a member of, the end of a long line that i'm now part of. and it's stunning to me. >> a lot of us were cheering on aaron. what a great guy. we'll be back a little bit later. of course, we'll have the fashion show from the red carpet. george? >> a lot more coming up. we're going to shift gears to libya now. secretary of state hillary clinton will push for tougher sanctions on libya in talks with foreign ministers today. and she's promising to give any assistance that makes sense to the rebels trying to oust moammar gadhafi. that could include a no-fly zone. christiane amanpour is still in libya, under gadhafi's control, and spoke to gadhafi's son. >> reporter: in swizai, some military defectors say they've been in control ear for several
7:18 am
days. >> we are looking for freedom. we have a cause. >> reporter: reporters were brought here by the regime, to prove they've showed restraint against their opponents. government forces surrounded the town. and supporters were taken to this pro-gadhafi rally. but in the capital, tripoli, we found gadhafi still firmly in control. although huge crowds of migrant workers are struggling to get out, camping in the airport grounds. but in exclusive interviews, gadhafi's sons told me they aren't going anywhere. including, saif gadhafi, where he is shown in this video, holding a gun and talking to supporters. president obama has called for your father to step down. what do you think of that? >> fist of all, it's not american business. do you think this is a solution? of course not. >> reporter: so, if a person can only keep control by using
7:19 am
force, then legitimacy is gone. >> right. but what happened? we didn't use force. second, we still have people around us. >> reporter: you said that you're not using violence. but there's many reports of helicopter gunships, of people being killed. and also, air force pilots defecting, jetstisonning their plans. >> show me a single casualty. the libyan air force destroyed just the ammunition sites. >> reporter: his brother called it an earthquake. >> no one can control it. >> reporter: will your father leave? >> if he leaves today, civil war. >> reporter: these reports, the accusations of using air power against civilians, we're trying
7:20 am
to find evidence. we went around tripoli. we asked to see the areas where there had been protests last week. we saw no such evidence. we have known there is evidence of shooting victims. that in the central hospital here, reporters have seen and have spoken to the chief of the emergency, saying at least nine people have been killed by gunshot wounds. but no area bombardment, george. >> christiane, thanks. time for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> in the last hour, 30,000 lightning strikes in powerful storms that runs from new york city to arkansas. five reported tornadoes. oklahoma one of the areas. right on the border of kansas and oklahoma, where some of these big tornadoes kind of popped up. wire expecting the possibilities of more of that. in the target red zone, birmingham, nashville, louisville. up to 80-mile-per-hour winds. tornados are possible here and very large hail involved in what is going to be a powerful, long line of storms. in this, there can be flooding
7:21 am
rains from cincinnati to pittsburgh. we have a few spring goes east of the metro, moving into anne arundel county -- sprinkles east of the metro, moving into anne arundel county. notice the action further to our west. there is a tornado watch in west virginia. we could see our own watches and warnings later today. severe weather possible this afternoon.
7:22 am
highs near 70. gusty tonight's. cooler coming up, hits and misses on the oscar red carpet. and more of our mind-blowing interview with charlie sheen. find out just how much crack he would take in a single binge. ♪ sign up for free to get daily deals in your town.
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live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. it is 7:26 on this monday,
7:27 am
february 28. i am scott thuman with your local news update. we will check on your morning commute with lisa baden. >> it looks ok. slow traffic on route 4, route 5, going on to 228. it is open up to the beltway. we had three wrecks on 301. normal volume on 95. the baltimore-processing -- a normal volume on 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway. 270 -- plenty of traffic. traffic is leaving columbia to silver spring -- looking pretty good randolph road. no accidents report 66 and 95. this saturation. that's a good word, isn't it? >> it looks like we'll get another inch or so on top of last night's moisture.
7:28 am
we had about an inch in the district. the main storm action is to our west, moving into this area. it will continue to push eastward. we could apply -- expect storms around 3:00 p.m., and they could be severe. >> thank you. a d.c. police officer is in the hospital after an overnight cost -- accident on the key bridge. he was investigating the crash when he was hit by another vehicle. the vehicles stayed at the scene. the driver underwent a sobriety test. the officer is in stable condition. we will be back at 7:56. condition. we will be back at 7:56.
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i was banging seven gram rocks and finishing them. that's how i role. i have one speed. one gear. go. >> that's charlie sheen talking about how much crack he could take in a single sitting. but he tells andrea canning he never was worried about o.d.'ing. and he's clean now. we'll have the results of a drug test he agreed to take saturday, live on air. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos here in new york. >> and i'm robin roberts, here in hollywood. a few people were talking about charlie sheen last night at the academy awards.
7:31 am
this morning, there has to be a morning-after. we're in the el capitan theater. it was built in 1929. you look at tarchitecture in here. it is so beautiful. they are dismantling everything. the red carpet and such. we will have our glam squad along to critique the hits and misses we saw last night. red was the color. lace, as well. and all the after-parties, the things you did not see, and the best accessory was the oscar. those that went to the party, gripping their oscars, like colin firth. that and more, oscar monday here, on "gma," george. >> you guys were going all night long. we start this half hour, about charlie sheen, opening in about his drug use. in a moment, we'll reveal the results of the drug test he took over the weekend. first, andrea canning has more from the head-spinning day she spent with sheen. and he really wanted to prove to you that he is clean now.
7:32 am
>> reporter: yes. good morning, george. no drugs right now. but we did talk a lot about his past drug use. charlie sheen has never been more candid about it. and makes no excuses for it. he shared some of what really happened last month, when he was rushed to the hospital after a drug-filled night with porn stars. your anger and your hate, is coming off as erratic. >> my passion. >> reporter: your passion is coming off as erratic. >> you borrow my brain for five seconds. and dude, can't handle it. it fires in a way that is, i don't know, maybe not from this particular realm. >> reporter: i think some of the things you're putting out there are making people think something's wrong with you. >> that has nothing to do with me, really. they're entitled to, i suppose, interpret stuff. >> reporter: some are saying you're bipolar. >> wow. what does that mean? >> reporter: i guess that you're on two ends of the spectrum. >> wow.
7:33 am
and then what? what's the cure? medicine? make me like them? not going to happen. i'm bi-winning. i win here and i win there. now, what? bipolar, aren't there moments where a guy crashes in the corner? like, oh, my gosh. shut up. shut up. stop. move forward. >> reporter: have you had any celebrities reach out to you? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: try to help you. >> radical people, like sean penn, colin farrell, radical people. >> reporter: who gave you the best piece of advice? >> they didn't give me advice. and within that, there's great advice. just love. you know? just to see -- it's oftentimes unknown. but when a giant marquee name comes on your phone -- winning. >> reporter: what do you use? >> i use a blender. i use a vacuum cleaner. when was the last time i ingested or used drugs? >> reporter: yes.
7:34 am
>> in aa, there's a stupid expression or term. i don't remember. >> reporter: a week ago? two weeks ago? >> it was a couple days before the suits rolled in and said change it. change everything. we're shutting you down. >> reporter: tell me about the last time you did drugs. >> the last time, i probably took more than anybody could survive. >> reporter: what are we talking about? how much? >> i don't know, man. i was banging zen-gram rock sev rocks. i have one gear. one speed. it's go. >> reporter: how do you do that? >> i'm just me. i have a different heart. >> reporter: you don't worry you're going to die when you take that many drugs? >> dying's for fools. >> reporter: you're only human. >> there's certain things i will not entertain. that's how people go down. i'm too smart. too smart to do that. sorry to the guys that happened to. you should have read the directions before you showed up to party. >> reporter: you have a strategy about how you take your drugs? >> i just have a couple rules.
7:35 am
>> reporter: you're clean right now. >> sure. >> reporter: is it better now? your life, clean with your children? is it better than being on drugs? >> it's perfect. it doesn't compare. they're different realities. there's great things about both. but what i'm harnessing now is absolute, you know, focus. it's exciting. exciting. i've come back from a place that, you know, people can put labels on it. they can throw all this stuff out. normalize it. normalize it. boring. stupid. and it's fine. but for me, i just answered to a higher calling. it happened in the blink of an eye. i'm totally excited by it. >> reporter: are you worried you're going to relapse? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> i'm not going to. the end. >> reporter: how do you know? >> i blinked and it cured my brain. can't is the cancer of happen. the nike slogan doesn't say just try it.
7:36 am
okay. no, just do it, man. >> reporter: but you love to party. >> i mean, what's not to love? especially when you see how i party. it was epic. the run i was on, made sinatra, flinn, all of them, droopy-eyed, children. >> reporter: the last time you think about doing drugs, are you disgusted with yourself? >> i'm proud of what i created. it was radical. >> reporter: you're proud of that party moment? >> why wouldn't i be? >> reporter: why would you be? >> i gave people the dramatic. i may forget about them tomorrow. but they'll live with that memory for the rest of their lives. that's a gift, man. >> reporter: one of the women said she was afraid she might o.d. >> what does that have to do with me? >> reporter: you're showing them the party. >> that's got nothing to do with me. that's all her. if she does, i'm sorry. >> reporter: you said you like
7:37 am
the exciting feeling of being an drugs. >> not anymore. >> reporter: how can anyone believe you will stay clean, given your track record? >> i'm not interested in what people believe. i'm interested in what i believe. i believe in the truth. and that's what rules me. >> reporter: and charlie sheen did end up taking that drug test while we were in his home. he passed the urine test. and took a more comprehensive blood test, that would reveal if more drugs were taken. joining me is dillon howard. he's the senior executive editor at radaronline. he was there when charlie sheen took the more comprehensive drug test. how did this come about? and tell me what tests were given. >> good morning to you, george. this came about after we were confronted with speculation from those who were seeking answers as to why charlie sheen went on these radio rants, if you like. i confronted him. i asked him whether he was prepared to undergo a drug test. he said he would, if, when he
7:38 am
passed, that i would drink his urine, as a way of -- as a mark of a man, if you like. of course, that was a joke. and that never went to fruition. but he did agree. he flew back from the bahamas, where he was vacationing, to take this test earlier than expected. he was to confident that he would pass. and, george, not even charlie sheen knows the results. >> we were just showing the blood being drawn. what more can you tell us about who did the test? >> this was done by a court-certified laboratory here in california. a company that is certified to practice in five states. and he's a member of the prestigious college of american pathology. it was undertaken on saturday afternoon. they took two tests. they took a urine test. and they also took a blood test. the results of which took 24 hours to compile. and this comprehensive report, right here, details the results
7:39 am
that america wants to know. >> and you tested for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines. what did you find? >> the good news for charlie sheen, if he's watching at home, is he tested negative for every, single one of those tests. >> negative. no drugs in his system, according to urine and blood test. we checked with experts, as well. that means he's likely clean for at least a few days. this is good for -- what? the urine test for two or three days? and the blood tests for longer? >> the blood test is a window of 24 hours. it's a complex test and looks deeper into the system. the urine, on the other hand, tests for some 72 hours. this is a big win for charlie sheen. make no mistake. he flew home early to confront the allegations. people thought he was using in
7:40 am
the bahama ss. and he wasn't. >> dillon, thanks very much for sharing that with us. tomorrow, we're going to take you inside charlie sheen's home, with his family, on "gma." and you can see more of his interview on "20/20" tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central. it's time, now, for weather with sam. hey, sam. >> the west coast is coming off the arctic chill this weekend. did you see the pictures of the snow this close to the hollywood sign. it did not make it to the sign itself. it did make it to 1,700 feet. there was snow around the hills around the sign. it was unusual. about four degrees off your record low for that morning. we're looking about 61 degrees in l.a. san diego, about 62. palm springs, 67 degrees. this is troubling. this line of strong to severe weather that could be a problem from louisville into nashville, to birmingham. almost to the atlanta area. the possibility of tornadoes exist here. we've had several pop up overnight in the same patch o
7:41 am
good morning, meteorologist adam caskey here with your update. temperatures are in the mid- 40's, on our way to the 70's. severe storms are possible this still coming up right here on "gma," a big announcement from britney spears. and here's your "gma morning menu." who was in oscar's fast lane? and who should have pulled over to the side? and she proved the oddsmakers right. and it was like an electric moment on television. the beep heard around the world. melissa leo is here. and after the show, the fun really begins. inside the hot ticket parties, right here on "gma." [ female announcer ] we asked coffee lovers to come and try coffee-mate's new cafe collection flavors.
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7:45 am
♪ broadcasting again live from the el capitan theater, the heart of hollywood, on hollywood boulevard. and across the way, say it ain't so. already tearing down the red carpet. before they did that, i had the pleasure of being on the red carpet. this woman right here, erin andrews, was there, too. find out who is coming by to talk to erin andrews? all the stars. look. >> reporter: hollywood's biggest night. and my first time out of the sports arena, and on to the red carpet. hollywood's leading ladies brought their a-game. best actress winner natalie portman stunning in a regal rodarte gown, the same designers of her "black swan" costume.
7:46 am
oscar co-host, anne hathaway, penelope cruz, and sandra bullock, in red, hot glamour. one of my favorites, amy adams, in l'wren scott. how many dresses did you try on before this one? >> it's not important. >> reporter: mila kunitz elie saab. hilary swank in gucci. mandy moore in monique. one of the more dramatic looks, helena bonham carter, in a dress by colleen atwood. and a little team spirit. >> can you do a twirl for me, please? >> no. that's degrading. but i can do this. >> reporter: gwyneth paltrow
7:47 am
gave up her pre-oscar secret. >> i had a burger. and a guinness. >> reporter: i love the glitz. but sometimes the old habits die hard. what did you think about the celtics trade? i wasn't too happy with it. >> we'll see. >> reporter: my scoreboard for the night, red dresses led with six. purple three, and sparkles four. or make it five, if you include my dress. a little glamour never hurt anyone. >> it certainly does not. who are you wearing? >> koffman franco. very thankful for them putting together. jules, very important. the dorito earrings. beyonce wore them a couple years ago. i felt like a princess. >> you have to give those back, you know. >> i know. a few more seconds in them. >> now that you're a fashionista, who did you love on the red carpet? >> i loved amy adams.
7:48 am
i love the emerald with her dress. and mila kunitz. i loved the lace. the fashion ordeal. we have a big announcement, a huge announcement, coming up. stay with us. ♪ sign up for free to get daily deals in your town. that's what's incredible about quaker oatmeal squares. a single serving has 46 grams of whole grains. that's 96% of your minimum whole grain needs for the day. are you kidding me? they fuel you up to start your day right...
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7:51 am
listen to this. britney spears, from her new album, "femme fatale." that's not the only big news.
7:52 am
in fact, i'll let britney tell you herself. >> good morning, america. i'm excited to tell you, on tuesday morning, march 29th, i'll be performing for the first time in a special concert, in san francisco's historic castro district on "good morning america." and i promise you, it will be a morning to remember. see you soon. ♪ would you hold it against me >> britney co-wrote some of the songs. don't miss the event. live in concert on "good morning america." it is going to be a huge event. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:56 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. it is 7:56 on this monday, february 28. good morning. i am scott thuman with your local news update. it will look at what is happening on the roadways with lisa baden. >> we are saturated with cars, but no major accidents to report right now. a couple of fender benders, the latest in laurel on the run from 197 -- ramp from 197.
7:57 am
metrorail is on normal service systemwide. let's look at a couple of cameras so you can see the volume of traffic. delays out of springfield on 395 at the 14th street bridge. in maryland, more of the same. outer loop delayed from 95 to get to georgia avenue. to 70 -- slow traffic leaving germantown to the beltway. the drive home will be different. definitely. it will be damned with areas of thunderstorms -- damp with areas of thunderstorms. around 3:00 p.m. is when we will see thunderstorms moved into town. this line of storms will push eastward. we are expecting thunderstorms early afternoon. futurecast shows close to 3:00 p.m. for the metro area. some storms could be severe this afternoon.
7:58 am
it is warm with sunshine. we should make it to 70. >> drivers on westbound i-66 are about to get some relief. starting this afternoon, all drivers will be able to use monument drive and stringfellow road off-ramps all hours. used to be that only hov drivers could use those.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. i just won an oscar. >> "the fighter's" melissa leo. her knockout oscar win. she's here live. plus, the fashions that sizzled. to oscar's after-parties. and the fifth grade choir lifting voices. and -- >> tell me about the last time you did drugs? >> i was banging seven-gram rocks.
8:01 am
i have one gear, go. >> more from our candid conversation with charlie sheen. what he told us in his first interview about his rock star life and whether he's turned to drugs. our name, still up in lights there at el capitan on hollywood boulevard. can you tell it's been a long night? long couple of days here. the parties are still going on here in los angeles, in hollywood. and we're going to have all the behind the scenes, all the glamour. we still have our glam squad to tell us what we saw on the red carpet. that and more, george, coming up. >> all the buzz out of hollywood, including you. you are number four on twitter, worldwide, since that amazing dress last night. also got 1,000 facebook likes. you are all over the social networks this morning. you're getting whistles from
8:02 am
here in the studio. >> oh. but the like that meant the most for me, was after i got backstage. i was checking my blackberry. there was one from you. you gave me two thumbs up with the girls. okay. now, i'm set. that's the one that mattered the most. thanks a lot, george. thanks, everybody, for weighing in. we know who the big stars were last night. and one of them is right next to me right now. i'm not -- melissa leo is here, live, with us this morning. those of us that are here, please -- [ cheers and applause ] yes. that's what i'm talking about. now, it's going to be oscar winner melissa leo. first of all, do we have to be on delay? you're not going to do anything like you did last night in the show? we're okay? >> oh, no. i learned my lesson. i always had a filthy mouth. there is a time and a place. i do know that. and network television is not a good place for that sort of language. >> you were in the moment.
8:03 am
you were pumped by what happened. i have the card here. and kirk douglas was adorable. but it actually says, and the oscar goes to -- i didn't know it actually said that on the top of the envelope. and then, melissa leo. kirk douglas, he was great. and he was taking so long to say who the winner was. did that kind of help with the nerves? >> exactly. you got it. you know. exactly right. so, the category gets called. and there he is. and i have enough time to think, oh, my gosh, if i go up there, that means i'm going to get an oscar from kirk douglas? >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> so, i weighed that out. and on he went. and it was funny and cute and adorable. and i had mitt the kid that they were playing with the cane in the dressing rooms downstairs earlier. omar sharif. his grandson. omar sharif. sweet kid. anyway, i'm weighing all this,
8:04 am
as he's going on and on. i have a chance to look over at amy, for good luck. and now, he's opened it. yeah. and i haven't been to bed since. >> you haven't been to bed yet, have you? >> you and i haven't. >> you have mr. oscar with you. >> he's here. he's a little drunk. but he's here. >> has it sunk in a little now? it's been a few hours. but you have this honor. >> well, it's the funniest thing, robin. i've been sitting here for the first quiet four or five minutes since they wanted us here and ready. live tv and all like that. you are getting ready. and i'm just sitting here quietly for the first time. so, i thank you and all your crew and the whole show, for a couple of quiet minutes. >> to give you that moment. >> it's starting to. it's really just so extraordinary.
8:05 am
i'm beyond words. >> how do you think this will change your life professionally? you've been very outspoken about some -- when women reach a certain age, how hollywood treats you. how -- not just hollywood. >> i think it's more about how society -- >> exactly. >> -- sort of places older people in general, kind of discards. and that's a shame. >> sure is. >> experience produces wisdom. and that's really needed in the world. yeah, i don't know. i just blab. i speak my heart. i speak the truth as i know it. and i really hope that the work, the jobs, the roles, like alice ward, you know, can keep coming my way. i'll continue to work. >> alice ward is a character you played. you saw her boys last night. >> her boys were out. i happened to be able to run into them. in all the madness, i saw dicky
8:06 am
and micky. i will talk to alice in an hour or two. i'm sure somebody over there will be up. i'll try to reach one of her daughters. >> wonderful. melissa, thank you very much. and congratulations to you. we're just so incredibly happy for this honor. and your whole body of work that you have shared with us. and being a good friend with us. >> thank you. >> melissa leo, oscar winner, melissa leo. let's go back to new york now and juju chang who has the top headlines for the morning. juju? >> good morning, everyone. four americans have died in a plane crash in the united arab emirates. their private plane was headed to saudi arabia today, when it crashed shortly after takeoff. the passengers' names have not been released. european leaders have just agreed to impose new sanctions on libya, following the u.n. rebels looking to taple moammar gadhafi are only 30 miles from
8:07 am
the capital. gas prices here at home have jumped another 4% in the last week. as of this morning, the national average is $3.36 per gallon. actor charlie sheen is shoe o suing cbs for cancelling his sitcom for the rest of the season. the lawsuit claims mental angui anguish. production was stopped after sheen ripped the creator during two radio interviews. he tells the story to our andrea canning. >> reporter: all these radio rants have people thinking charlie sheen has got to be on drugs again. >> sure. yeah. yeah. i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available. if you try it once, you will die. your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. too much. again, i woke up and decided. i've been kicked around. i've been criticized.
8:08 am
i've been the, aw, shucks, guy, but living my rock star life. i'm going to embrace it, love it viole violently. >> you is k see all of andrea's interview on a special "20/20," tomorrow at 10:00 eastern. and a mother in georgia has learned the hard way, never take your ice off a toddler. her daughter got trapped in a bank vault for hours this weekend. it took a hollywood-style rescue to get her out. steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: she is just a baby. just 14 months old. learning how to walk. and on friday night, she walked into this vault at a wells fargo bank east of atlanta. the girl's mother brought her here to see her grandmother, who works here. bank employees didn't realize a child was playing inside, and closed the heavy vault door. the door also had a time lock, which meant that once it was closed, it couldn't be opened until the next morning. do you know how long that time
8:09 am
lock was for? >> it probably was around for probably 14 or 15 hours. >> reporter: there was only one lock smith in the state of georgia who knew how to break into this vault. and he happened to be home friday night. when he started drilling, he said he could hear her start to cry inside. 25 minutes later, he pulled the door open, walked in and there she was. i said, hi. and she turned around. her little puffy, red eyes. i almost started crying. >> reporter: before she left in the arms of her relieved mother, she handed him this note. her mother helped write some of it. >> i gave her a hug and a kiss. she did the same thing. it was very emotional. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> that is a mother and child reunion. that's the news at 8:09. time, now, for the weather and sam. hey, sam. >> nice, happy ending. let's start with pictures out of the st. louis area. it was a rough night with strong
8:10 am
storm weather. we had five tornadoes in the storm zone last night. and a lot of reports of severe weather. they'll go back today to see if they were confirmed tornadoes. here's what we're most concerned of. the twin area of low pressure makes its way to the eastern seaboard. this means a large area of strong to severe storms. louisville, you're involved in that. and swings to the carolinas. even to southern new jersey. that's the trouble zone during the day today. flooding rain, another problem, with this storm line. that could be about two inches of rain. but the warm temperatures and the snow melt on top of that that's going to load up the rivers and streams because of all that rain. quick look at the fly-by sunshine locally will help pump temperatures up to 70 degrees this afternoon. we will have a strong line of thunderstorms, maybe even severe storms. it will push our way. we had a few little showers out in western maryland and west
8:11 am
virginia. the main event will be this afternoon with a cold front. the highs today are near 70. it is a gusty day t milder air in the l.a. area. now, to robin roberts in l.a. robin, you're going to say who wore best. and you won't say you. you looked amazing last night, lady. we all say that. >> thank you. bless you, sam. we missed having you out here. that's the last time you're not going to come with me. if i'm coming, you're coming, sam. everybody in the pool. thank you. we're going to talk about fashion. we have suze yalof schwartz, a great friend to the program. and fashion expert. we'll get to your earrings in a moment. and chris kotsiopoulos. and erin andrews. you're going to help me out. george, let's talk about some of
8:12 am
the red. a lot of red. >> designers have been trotting out red dresses all award season. they all chose to wear them for the oscars. so, you know. i'm not a big fan of super bowl color only because the real housewives seem to wear those comers all the time. i like the subdued tones. >> it looked really well. >> the red is fabulous. >> did you like jennifer lawrence's dress. very simple. a lot of people were talking about it. i thought it was fresh. >> it was like a couture farrah fawcett poster. or pam anderson. phenomenal, sleek, sexy. >> you saw lace a lot, didn't you, suze? >> absolutely. it was a modern-day fairy tale. mila kunis, so beautiful. and you see her in the elie saab dress. and scarlett johansson looks so
8:13 am
much better in tight celeste. and melissa looked great. underneath, you saw the gold peeking out. it was special. it shined on the red carpet. it's something we're going to be seeing a lot of. >> let's talk about the hosts. i'll say, i thought james franco looked amazinamazing. but anne hathaway. what did you think about her costume changes? >> i thought rachel zoe did an amazing job. my favorite was the first one when she was walking the red carpet in the valentino red dress. and he was standing there, fixing her. and making her look like perfection. >> that dress was from 2002. that wasn't a brand-new -- that was one that valentino designed. i liked the one-shoulder oscar de la renta. and i love the custom tuxedo she wore, as well. >> she looked stunning, the purple to blue dress. >> i liked the purple dress. >> that was armani, right?
8:14 am
>> i love liquid. look at her. >> you dressed me. like, where? >> hailee steinfeld. she was a little princess. she was telling everyone, i helped design this. what did you think, george? >> i thought she was phenomenal. she is 14. she dresses age-appropriate. this is the perfect thing for a little 14-year-old girl. she looked like a princess. and i think it's a fred leighton diamond headband. perfection. >> this is the beginning of a long fashion career. >> i hope so. >> it is. and two words for you. halle berry. >> for me? she was my favorite. this -- she knows what looks good on her. she wears it well. she never is overpowered by her dress, even when the dresses are special. and i love the fact that it fits her body to perfection. she knows her shoulders are the
8:15 am
most beautiful. and she draws attention to them all the time. and i like the tulle at the bottom. just cascading down. >> i didn't -- >> whoa. >> i think from here-up, it's phenomenal. >> you don't like all this? >> it's ill-placed. >> i like the uneven. i don't like it when it's too predictable. >> you know who looked like old hollywood? that was reese witherspoon. you had to like that, right? >> she looked like anniversary barbie. >> it was funny. i bumped into her at nieman's last week. and her hair's not that long. it was a little bump. a little "legally blonde." >> who missed the mark? >> for me, it wasn't a bad season. of course, we've got helena bonham carter, who shows up on
8:16 am
the red carpet not looking her absolute best because she's a gorgeous woman. but that's her look. >> you would be disappointed if she didn't try to do something. >> i thank god for her. you need someone to talk to talk about that isn't the best dressed. >> and she's kind of tame. >> it was her best look ever. >> yeah. it wasn't really crazy. >> right. >> how about the guys? we always talk about the women. how about the guys out there? >> they're in tuxes. >> i like the white tuxedo. i thought that was chic. >> russell brand was wearing plaid. you don't wear a plaid shirt. >> it was a little snug. i like that he does the skinny jeans. >> i'll give a comment about a male. hugh jackman looked incredible. >> he's gorgeous. >> who are your earrings? >> mine are butch lattia.
8:17 am
i'm so sad. they will be picking them up after the show. if you don't love your dress and you throw on big jewels, everybody will comment on the jules. and you'll look great. >> suze, thank you for being here. george, wonderful to have you with us. >> thank you. >> dolce & gabanna. thank you. >> go online and see more of the oscar fashions. you had to get that in. sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused. um, you rock. she'll be ready to rock. [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with 100% whole grain fiber, kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal has what it takes to help keep your kids full so they can stay focused on the days that matter most. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused.
8:18 am
[ laughs ] not funny. act my age? -why? -why? -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks. -crows feet... -belong on birds. [ female announcer ] roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. -aging... -bring it on.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
sign up for free to get daily deals in your town. ♪ from internet singing sensation, to center stage at the oscars, it's been a wild joyride for the choir from p.s. 22 from staten island, new york. and last night, they just soared. they thrilled all of the stars in the theater. and 1 billion watching on tv, with a soulful take of "over the rainbow." dan harris has their inspiring story. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> reporter: there they were, several dozen kids from a public school in new york city, performing for an audience of 1 billion. ♪ dreams that you made
8:21 am
>> reporter: it started with this surprise invitation from oscar host, anne hathaway. >> to essentially invite you guys to -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: thus began a 3-month, 3,000-mile odyssey, for the fifth graders of the p.s. 22 choir. they were already digital celebrities. ♪ with 27 million hits on youtube videos, posted by their teacher, gr gregg. they also have big fans, like lady gaga and beyonce. >> i love the choreography. >> thank you. >> reporter: this was the oscars. >> i want them to realize they did something magnificent. >> reporter: i sat in on their final rehearsal, which i have to say was magic. ♪ is anybody here excited to go to
8:22 am
the oscars? [ yelling ] >> the red carpet. >> reporter: what does it feel like you for when you're singing? >> i feel inspired by it. they really show my insides. like how i feel about the song. >> reporter: we followed the kids as they flew out to l.a. a first plane ride for some of them. checked into their hotel. then, performs and played at disneyland. and last night, they hit the red carpet with robin roberts. these guys are a testament to the fact that hard work can make anything possible. >> this great chorus from p.s. 22, in staten island, new york. >> reporter: and finally, the moment arrived. while their fans watched from a pizzeria in staten island, the choir from p.s. 22 flew.
8:23 am
♪ somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly ♪ >> boy, what a moment that was, robin. i can almost see you tearing up watching it. >> no. i'm telling you it was so special, george. having them out here. they were so well-behaved. they're buzzing about. and mr. b. is trying to wrangle them. they kept saying, we have to sing tonight. they were all about the performance last night. >> they -- calm, cool and collected, too. having a lot of fun. but they just nailed it last night. >> didn't they? they sure did. and they're going to be on "oprah" today. how are you going to keep them down on the farm once they've been to paris? they're living the dream. let them fly.
8:24 am
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8:27 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good monday morning. i am alison starling. we begin with lisa baden and a check on traffic. >> right now, we are on dry pavement, damp for some, but adam caskey will have some changes for your drive home. first of all, out of southern maryland, slow in waldorf. the traffic on 95 and 66, but no accidents. a wreck sitll on -- still on
8:28 am
route 3 in bowie. in '95, delays are normal -- on 95, delays are normal. 270 -- delays. we have the chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon between about 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. we have a strong line of storms moving into western urging a, a few sprinkles in west virginia -- west maryland. it will be gusty today and warm. we should make it to the 70's. tonight, clear and weindy. sonny the rest of the week. >> thank you. the probe into the use of synthetic marijuana at the u.s.
8:29 am
naval academy is intensifying. more expulsions are expected. the investigation into the use of the drug known as "spies" began in october -- of the drug known as "spies" began in october --
8:30 am
♪ good morning, america, at the oscars. inside el capitan theater, here along hollywood boulevard. a lot of parties last night. a lot of after-parties. we sent our correspondent, katie nicholl was there. erin andrews was there. >> cannot wait for that, robin. also, we have dr. richard besser here this morning. there's a new report out about children and fevers. and about what parents may be doing wrong when they treat them. dr. besser will be here to
8:31 am
explain when the fevers are especially dangerous. the warning signs to watch for. and the best way to treat your child. harper has a fever about 100, 101 this morning. i'm going to be listening very closely. also -- i'm sorry. i thought that was going to go back to you, robin. we'll have the contenders of the new season of "dancing with the stars." they'll be revead tonight on "the bachelor." it's time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> i hadn't heard that. they're going to reveal the "dancing with the stars" folks on "the bachelor" tonight. that's big news. i didn't know that. let's get to the boards. start with a live shot on new york city. all points east, heads-up today. and stay up with your abc stations. the powerful american storms are swinging east. and the ceiling is getting lower and lower in new york city. and the lightning is closer and closer. we had 30,000 lightning strikes in the first hour of "gma."
8:32 am
also, airport delays. we can tell you because of the low clouds, the rain, and the possibility of lightning, we're expecting airport delays. let me do that again. we are already -- it's early. boston, new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c., pittsburgh, as well. i would go into portland because there's some snow going on in the maine area. the last kickout of moisture. here's where the most powerful thunderstorms will be today. we've seen tornados with them. it's possible to see them again. birmingham, to atlanta. nashville, right in the middle of it. louisville, kentucky. 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts and large hail and the very powerful storms. brand-new system in the northwest. this one's a little warmer. you get some rain out of it, not necessarily snow. sunshine right now. it will destabilize our atmosphere and add thunderstorm potential later today. we could have severe
8:33 am
thunderstorms with gusty and and all of that weather was brought to you by macy's. oh, robin roberts? >> sam, you got our attention about the delays into new york. we're heading to l.a.x. right after the show this morning. but we hit the parties hard last night. none other than -- no one harder than erin andrews hitting the parties. are you anne hathaway? a wardrobe change or something. it's gorgeous. >> this is also a barbie costume. i'm tired. i'm exhausted. i don't know how you're doing. but right after the oscars, we headed into two of the biggest parties going on. dozens of them were happening last night. it's amazing. the paparazzi, all the people who interview the actors and actresses, have to be there starting at 3:30 in the afternoon. we went to two parties. check it out. hollywood, they didn't go to bed last night.
8:34 am
it was paparazzi paradise last night. >> colin. >> reporter: hollywood lighting up the oscar after-parties. >> i hear rumors that there may be burgers. >> reporter: while there were winners. >> it's quite amazing and remarkable. >> reporter: and not quite winners. >> so much talent. so many incredible performances that everyone, everyone is a winner. >> reporter: everybody joins the party when this town pulls out all the stops and celebrates itself. this is my first time on the oscar after-party scene. and there's a lot of glamorous territory to cover. let's hit it. at least a dozen hot-ticket parties are happening all across hollywood right now. the grand dame of them all, and our first stop, the governors ball. some guests are kicking off their crawl here. it's the official after-party of the academy of motion picture
8:35 am
art and sciences. it's a look at some the new winners and the new man in their life. this is the elton john aids foundation party. this is where they come to party, for a cause. >> every year, we raise more money. it's become a bigger event. more people come. and it's become a staple fund-raiser for us during the year. >> anytime you can come out and lend your name to a great cause, and get glammed up for it, it's fun, too. >> reporter: this is the party to see and be seen. >> i am thrilled to introduce, from england, florence and the machine. ♪ it's inside my head >> reporter: the next stop has been called the most exclusive party in the world. the "vanity fair" oscar party. you have to be a-list. >> who are they? >> reporter: what do you think the party's going to be having
8:36 am
to offer? >> i might be overwhelmed with congratulations. it's really awesome. >> i feel very powerful right now. i've been here several times. >> reporter: what do you talk about in there? who is wearing what? >> we don't. we usually talk about our kids. or sort of what we're looking forward to eating. >> reporter: how many parties do you usually hit? >> usually miss them. i don't hit any. >> good evening, america. >> reporter: you look like somebody that likes to have a good time at party. >> i used to be fun when i was a drinker. >> just disregard for fashion. it was a living nightmare. >> reporter: tonight, all the parties that we went to, everybody's going to be popping the cork and having a sip of this. me, early "gma" wake-up call. this is my beverage. this is good. >> you can see, you're still in the same outfit. >> i did change for a hot minute that i was home. yeah. i'm back in it. >> the hot ticket, as you said,
8:37 am
was "vanity fair." and our friend, katie nicholl. you were inside the party. >> i was. and you know, girls, i do a lot of partying for a living. but i have never, ever been in a party where it is wall-to-wall stars. jagger, paltrow, everyone that you wanted to be there, was there. and i ended up rocking all night with anne hathaway, who is my favorite a-lister now. i just love her. >> everyone was having a great time. everyone's relaxed because it's all over. >> the champagne slowly. they're all amongst each other. so, they're relaxed. and they can let their hair down. and they did. i went on to chat colin firth up after. i had a great night. >> we're going to ask you more about that. what was the highlight of the whole night for you, katie? >> well, i got to hold an oscar, which was really fantastic. and heavier than i thought. you can worked so biceps with those. and i think that was the
8:38 am
highlight for me. and dancing with anne hathaway. >> she was having a good time after the oscars. she did a really good job. and, erin, what was the highlight for you? >> tom hanks is somebody -- we love all his movies, from "big," to "philadelphia," to "forrest gump." he reminds me of my father. he stop and spoke with me. i thought he was going to say you i didn't know you had so many teeth. i was a huge cameron diaz fan. i wanted to start dancing with her. but didn't want to freak her out. >> sometimes, erin. sometimes. katie, what you were talking about, four awards for "the king's speech." long live the queen. it was a great time for the brits here. >> it was. and fantastic. and the relief. when you saw tom's face, getting best director. he punched the air. when i was parting with them tonight, they were so happy. they wanted this more than
8:39 am
anything else. they really did. i set out, from the beginning, i believed in this film. i thought it was going to go forward. i'm delighted for them. >> do you think -- colin was so -- i call him by his first name. colin firth. people were asking, do you think you'll be invited to the wedding? >> i think he's off the list. but he was in correspondence with the prince of wales. he received a letter. he felt it was accurately portrayed. and charles adored his grandfather. i think the film was done accurately and sensitively. and it was never made until the queen mother died. and helena bonham carter received a letter, as well. >> when you go across a the pond, what will you tell them about your oscar experience? >> what will i tell them?
8:40 am
you need sheer stamina, don't drink too much champagne, and mingle with as many people as you can. >> and los angeles, putting more heat lamps on the red carpet. this is what i wore in 30-degree weather waiting to talk to the stars. and they were freezing. >> and cameron diaz, especially. i've never seen such a short skirt. >> and she got it altered that day. whatever they could put on and fix. i was like, your body's ridiculous. >> i like watching you two go back and forth. >> she was fabulous. >> it was all fabulous. i think we're all ready to go home. and hollywood is ready to get back to business. >> let's take off. >> katie, thank you very much. it was great having you here. erin, thank you, too. when we come back, it will be back to new york. and going to talk about children and fever. and george will tal
8:41 am
8:42 am
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and in today's "hurricane's health," some much-needed myth busting about children and fevers. a new report by the american ask academy of pediatrics shows that i'm not the only parent that's confused on how to treat kids when fever strikes. this shows that nearly half of all parents treat their kids incorrectly. give too much or too little medication. >> yeah. treating a fever is harder than people think. it's supposed to be based on weight. and weight in kilograms. children are growing and changing very quickly. and products come in different strengths. you put all that together and it's made for medication errors. >> let's look at what the report found exactly. we also went online and asked
8:45 am
people what they thought how they should treat their children. when treating a fever with medicine, the goal should be making the child comfortable, not getting to a normal temperature. and our viewers came in and said, 66% said that statement is true. 34%, false. >> this is the biggest takeaway from this. the goal of treating a fever is to make your child comfortable. our viewers got it right. that's a change. there's fever phobia in this country. when people see a fever, they're worried that something horrible is happening. when the child is running around, acting well, the fever is nothing to worry about. that's a change for doctors and parents. >> this helped me last night. harper had a fever of 100, 101. she seemed happy. after reading the results, it got me not to panic. >> if your child looks well, that's a good sign. >> we come to the next one, which follows from that.
8:46 am
we asked, should all fevers be treated with medicine. 17% of viewers thought that was true. 83%, false. we have smart viewers. >> we have very smart viewers. that is true, that is false. you do not need to treat all fevers. fever actually revs up your immune system. there's studies that show, when you have a fever, you white blood cells, a critical part of your immune system, kills bacteria and virus well. >> your body's doing its job. >> that's right. that's why you have the fever. >> when are the times when you can't wait any longer? you should be providing some type of medication. >> if your child is very young, all children under 3 months, you should see the doctor when you have your first fever. i like to see other children with first fevers. it goes along with the fever. if your child has a fever and ear pain, that could indicate an ear infection.
8:47 am
fever and having pain going to the bathroom. a urinary tract infection. if your child is sweating or shivering, body aches. >> when you get to that point, the fever may be dangerous. >> the height of the fever doesn't tell you. if your child looks sick, that's something you pay attention to. >> and if you go to treat it, what's the best way? >> there's a number of studies. use acetaminophen or ibuprofen. there is data to show that alternating the drugs is better than one alone. you don't want to use aspirin. >> why not? what's the big deal? >> aspirin can cause swelling or a change in the brain that can be fatal. young children with a fever, aspirin is a big no-no. >> absolutely never use aspirin. we have to go to the old wive's tale. do you starve a cold? feed a fever? >> when most children are sick, they're not hungry. they can eat whatever they're
8:48 am
comfortable with. the big thing is drink a fever. you have to make sure they get enough to drink because fever can lead to dehydration. you want them to get the liquids. >> popsicles, juice, water, whatever they will take in. >> all that works really well. >> rich besser, thanks very much. you can get all of dr. besser's tips at"gma." coming up, our favorite tips at"gma." coming up, our favorite you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother...
8:49 am
go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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8:51 am
♪ i'm just grooving to the music. everyone is screaming in new york. talk, robin, talk. just like the music. we're bopping over here. oh. >> we couldn't see. but we felt it. >> you know. you felt it, george. you know, juju. let's talk about our favorite moments from the actual broadcast. i loved when billy crystal came out on to that stage. he is one of the best oscar hosts ever. we haven't seen him in many years. and the way the crowd reacted when he came out. and i saw -- i snuck in and saw rehearsal. they kept it a real secret. i thought that was great, chris. >> i liked it when mandy moore
8:52 am
sang. i thought she was an underappreciated talent. a pop star with smarts and taste. and comedy. i like it when anne hathaway gave the business to hugh jackman like that. and he took it like the pro that he is. >> what about you, katie? >> it had to be melissa leo's f-bomb. and she was so gobsmacked to be up there. that we forgave her for it. >> i think the kids of p.s. 22 and "over the rainbow." >> okay. you new yorkers. what do you think? >> for me, it was kirk douglas. the way he stretched out that announcement. 94 years old and has perfect timing. >> and an eye for the ladies. >> my favorite was tom hooper, the director of "the king's
8:53 am
speech." when he won, it was a little bit of an upset. and he thanked his mother. >> i like seeing the family in the show. i will tell you this. honestly, i do a little early morning show. i went to bed early. but what i did see all of, was the abc pre-oscar show that robin roberts -- and i want to say to you, lady. you were a goddess on that show. you were absolutely -- i couldn't stop. everything you said, everything you did, they -- you need to do that forever. you were the best thing of the night for me. >> hottie. >> even though charlie sheen gave us a new meaning to goddess this morning. >> charlie sheen took the word goddess, i guess. but you were my goddess. >> i'll tell you. >> she had a glow. >> i'm really tired right
8:54 am
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good job in l.a.
8:57 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good monday morning, everybody. it is 8:56. i am alison starling. first, here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. >> it remains slow on 66 in manassas. out of rosslyn, the roosevelt bridge is slowing down out of springfield when joining the beltway. look at that ramp, much improved. that crash said eisenhower avenue was the reason for the delay. into maryland -- 270, delays from montgomery village avenue. on 14th street, traffic heading toward us on the left leaving the 14th street bridge up to pennsylvania avenue. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. let's go to adam caskey. very sunny.
8:58 am
we have a few sprinkles and a strong line of thunderstorms off to the west. we may have a severe thunderstorm watch issued before the midday -- and we could have severe thunderstorms. temperatures near 70's. very spring-like. regardless of thunderstorm winds, it will be windy today with gusts up to 40 miles per hour, possibly over 60 miles per hour. clearing and still win the tonight. much cooler tomorrow, back into the 40's. temperatures go up and down all week. thank you. the accuracy of police breath testing equipment will be the focus of 1 d.c. council hearing today. they would hear testimony on incorrectly calibrated equipment. one council member says the faulty equipment has led prosecutors to drop a number of drunk-driving cases. thank you for watching.
8:59 am
we will be back at noon.
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